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Cornea Treatment Specialist in Las Vegas

The Cornea

CorneaThe eye is often described as the ”window to the soul.” The cornea is then described as the “window to the eye.” It is this clear structure that provides the majority of the focusing power of our eye. It can be reshaped in the case of LASIK/PRK to allow for enhanced vision without the use of glasses. Unfortunately, the cornea is also susceptible to a wide variety of diseases ranging from infections, to scarring, to even genetically inherited diseases. At Las Vegas Eye Institute, Dr. Swanic has advanced training in treating these diseases and in performing refractive surgery. If you think that you could benefit from his expertise, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation today!

What is DSEK?

DSEK stands for Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty. It is essentially a long name for a partial thickness corneal transplant. This advanced form of corneal transplantation has changed the face of corneal transplantation ever since it was developed about 10 years ago. It has become the procedure of choice for people who only have a issues with the back surface of their cornea. It provides faster visual recovery than a full thickness corneal transplant (Often referred to as a PKP or Penetrating Keratoplasty.) However, for Dr. Swanic its major advantage really lies in preserving the structural integrity of the eye. The incision for this surgery is typically only 4.5 mm and this small sized incision provides for much less astigmatism formation and risk of wound rupture than the classic form of corneal transplantation.

The following informational video has been provided so that you can further understand the nature of this surgical procedure.

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What is a Corneal Transplant

cornea transplantA corneal transplant is a transfer of donated corneal tissue to a patient’s eye with the intent on clearing the visual pathway. Corneal transplantation was first performed in 1905 making it one of the first successful organ transplantations. Part of the reason for its success was that the cornea in its normal state is free of blood vessels that can lead to rejection of the cornea.

Modern corneal transplantation has advanced tremendously in the last 100 years. Being part of the newest generation of corneal specialists Dr. Swanic has advanced training in all forms of corneal transplantation, including DSEK (discussed previously), penetrating keratoplasty, and Boston Keratoprosthesis. He will discuss which of these choices is the best option for you if you are in need of these services.

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