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Get rid of cloudy vision with Cataract Eye Surgery in Las Vegas.

Advanced cataract surgery is one of the true marvels of modern medicine and one of our services at Las Vegas Eye Institute. Led by Dr. Matthew Swanic and our skilled team, we offer a personalized, comfortable experience, focusing on your unique needs. From the initial consultation to the state-of-the-art surgical procedure, and through to post-operative care, we ensure every step is clear and tailored for the best possible vision outcome. Come see us for cataract surgery in Las Vegas

Dr. Swanic is the best. His cataract surgeries on both my eyes have turned out 100%. I’m both able to read and see at distances without glasses. He and his support staff are so friendly. I was at ease.

—Roland S.

Why Choose Us for Cataracts in Las Vegas?

Get life-transforming cataract eye surgery from Dr. Matthew Swanic, an expert in laser vision correction with a down-to-earth, calming demeanor his patients love. 

One of a handful of surgeons with a fellowship from the Stein Eye Institute at UCLA
The most advanced preoperative testing in the city leading to the best possible results
Completed residency at the prestigious Tufts Medical Center in Boston
One of the friendliest staffs you will ever meet
A doctor’s doctor entrusted to treat countless physicians and their family members
Thousands of satisfied patients, with hundreds of Google 5 star reviews

Benefits of Advanced Cataract Surgery

With advanced cataract surgery, you have nothing to fear. Our patients often say, "I am so grateful to Dr. Swanic for making it such an easy process, and my results are great!"
Get rid of cloudy vision
See both near and far with multifocal lens
See better at night for safer driving
Reduce or eliminate you need for readers or bifocals
Reduction in accidents and falls
Increased independence
3.7 million cases per year in the US with great results
Permanent results with a 15-minute procedure

Experience the LVEI Difference.

Experience friendly, unrushed, personalized treatment from Dr. Matthew Swanic.

What is Cataract Surgery?

A cataract is typically a clouding of the natural lens that sits behind the iris (the colored portion of the eye.) Cataract surgery always involves making an opening in the front surface of the lens and then removing the contents of the lens capsule. This removal is currently done with an ultrasonic probe that simultaneously breaks up the lens and removes it from the eye.

Many patients ask about the use of a laser for cataract surgery. At the present time, a laser can be used to make the opening in the lens and to mildly break up the lens. However, an ultrasonic probe is still used to remove the contents.

Dr. Swanic is certified to use both the Alcon LenSx and the J&J Catalys laser platform to make the opening and soften the lens prior to ultrasonic removal.

The Las Vegas Eye Institute's Patient Experience

Don’t just take our word for it. See how our patients describe their experience with Las Vegas Eye Institute.


About Laser Cataract Surgery and Conventional Procedures

During your consultation, you can discuss the possibility of using this technology at the time of your cataract surgery. One thing that you will never experience at our practice is a hard push for “laser cataract surgery” as it has not been shown to offer any safety or outcomes advantage over conventional surgery. We offer both conventional and laser cataract surgery, but laser cataract surgery costs more. That said, laser cataract surgery is an incredible technological development and at some point, it may provide advantages in one or both of these areas. The following video details how cataract surgery is typically performed.

Premium Lenses for Cataract Surgery

Dr. Swanic strongly believes in advanced lens technologies for appropriate patients. During your cataract surgery consultation.We will discuss with you lens options that are custom suited for your eye. We have the most advanced technologies available for helping you determine the best option for your particular situation. We offer both multifocal and extended depth of focus intraocular lenses to help provide you with distance and near vision without glasses. However, we know that these lenses are not always the best choice for all patients and Dr. Swanic will discuss if they are suitable for your eyes.

premium iols for las vegas cataract patients including ReStor, Crystalens, Toric, Panoptix, and
Many patients benefit from the placement of a toric intraocular lens that will help provide you with the best possible vision if you have preexisting corneal astigmatism. As a corneal specialist, Dr. Swanic has the most advanced technologies and clinical training to help you determine if this lens is right for your eye. Many patients do not need or desire any form of upgraded lens option. These patients can rest assured knowing that Dr. Swanic uses only the highest quality aspheric new technology lenses in all patients.

Is cataract surgery affordable?

Yes, both Medicare and insurance cover cataract surgery in Las Vegas. If you want to upgrade to multi-focal IOLS that let you see both near and far, you only pay for the advanced lenses that insurance and Medicare won’t cover. We also have convenient financing, so no matter what your specific financial budget is, we can typically meet it. 

What are some symptoms of cataracts?

Cataract symptoms often include:

  • Cloudy or hazy vision
  • Challenges in seeing clearly in dim light or at night
  • Increased discomfort from bright lights and glare
  • Halos visible around lights
  • Colors seeming less vibrant, more yellow
  • Requirement for stronger lighting for reading or other tasks
  • Frequent updates needed for eyeglass or contact lens strength
  • Double vision occurring in a single eye

Is Dr. Matthew Swanic a cataract surgery expert?

Yes, Dr. Swanic has both extensive training and experience in performing cataract surgery. Dr. Swanic has performed thousands of cataract surgeries and has an incredibly low surgical complication rate (well under 1%.) He is the principal investigator in several FDA trial studies. 

As to education, after graduating top of his medical class, he completed his residency at the prestigious Tufts School of Medicine in Boston. He then completed a Fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the Stein Eye Insitute at UCLA, the #1 ranked ophthalmology practice in the Western United States. After completing his select fellowship, he returned to his hometown of Las Vegas, where he has been providing traditional and laser cataract surgery for over a decade.

Just as important as his expertise is his bedside manner.  Many, if not all, of our patients are a little nervous about their cataract removal procedure. Dr. Swanic and team are very calming. This helps you relax before, during, and after your procedure. Almost every patient review we receive comments on this important aspect of their Las Vegas Eye Institute experience.

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FAQs About Cataract Surgery in Las Vegas

Does Cataract Surgery hurt?

Cataract surgery is generally not considered to be a painful procedure due to the use of effective anesthesia eyedrops. During your procedure, all you will feel is some light pressure.

Some patients may experience mild to moderate discomfort after the surgery, which can typically be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. Dr. Swanic will give you simple, easy to follow instructions before you go home after your procedure. 

What is the timeline for recovery after a cataract procedure?

Most people notice an improvement in their vision the very next day. However, it can take a few days for the vision to clear depending on the severity of your cataract. Some lenses can take a few weeks to adapt to their new optics. Dr. Swanic will be checking your progress during your follow-up visits to ensure you are healing and seeing as expected.

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