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Welcome to Las Vegas Eye Institute, where medical expertise meets individualized attention for superior dry eye treatments. Our committed team, under the guidance of the skilled Dr. Matthew Swanic, guarantees that your journey to relieve dry eye is knowledgeable, comfortable, and customized to your specific requirements. Come see us for dry eye in Las Vegas

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Dr. Swanic is very positive and reassuring. His staff is outstanding. He is caring, informative and explains everything in detail. He has really helped my dry eye issue.

—Judy A.

Why Choose Us?

Get life-transforming laser eye surgery from Dr. Matthew Swanic, an expert in laser vision correction with a down-to-earth, calming demeanor his patients love. 

One of a handful of surgeons with a fellowship from the Stein Eye Institute at UCLA
An advanced laser suite featuring Zeiss Visumax and lasers
Completed residency at the prestigious Tufts Medical Center in Boston
One of the friendliest staffs you will ever meet
Dr. Swanic has undergone a laser vision correction procedure himself
Hundreds of satisfied patients who give 5 star reviews

Benefits of Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes and Dry Eye Syndrome can be a drag. Experience advanced treatments and clinical trial options at LVEI.
Improves comfort and reduces irritation
Reduces risk of corneal damage
Enhances clarity and quality of vision
Improves ability to perform daily activities
Prevents potential eye infections
Increases overall quality of life

Experience the LVEI Difference.

Experience friendly, unrushed, personalized treatment from Dr. Matthew Swanic.

More About Dry Eye

Dry eye disease is a complex disease and is classically due to either a deficiency in the production of the “aqueous” or watery component of the tear film or due to the “lipid” or oily component of the tear film. Our tear system is surprisingly complex and treatments exist for the correction of either of these problems.

An in-depth examination of your tear film at the Las Vegas Eye Institute can help us to determine what form of treatment would be optimal for your eye. Dr. Swanic of Las Vegas Eye Institute has been a principal investigator on multiple dry eye studies and has extensive experience in managing this complex disease. Please schedule an appointment today. It is always possible that a clinical trial may be running and you may be eligible for enrollment in the trial if conventional treatments have proved inadequate.

Evaporative Dry Eye

This is a very common form of dry eye and is often misdiagnosed. Evaporative dry eye occurs when the superficial “oil” component of our tear film is inadequate. This can occur at any time in life and is frequently the cause of the sensation of eye dryness in young adults. However, it can affect us at any age and can coexist with the inadequate production of the aqueous component of our tear film as well.

Humans have oil-producing glands in our eyelids that are known as meibomian glands. As we age, these glands can become blocked, thus lowering the availability of oil for our tear film. This absence of oil makes our tears evaporate too quickly and can create symptoms of foreign body sensation, dryness, and even burning. Many patients find these symptoms most pronounced in the morning and find that the symptoms improve as the day goes on.

This condition is often referred to as MGD or “Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.” There are many treatments for this condition, including using warm compresses on the eyelids and taking omega-3 supplements by mouth. 

Revolutionary New Treatment for Dry Eye

In April of 2021 the FDA approved the Lumenis IPL light therapy device for the treatment of dry eye. After consulting with several trusted colleagues Dr. Swanic made the investment in the Lumenis IPL device to provide this treatment to his dry eye patient population. Although the treatment doesn’t lead to 100% resolution of symptoms in all patients we have found over 80% success in reducing symptoms of dry eye. This is by far the highest success rate we have seen in treatment of this difficult to manage condition.

Many other treatments also exist and these can be discussed during a consultation with Dr. Swanic.

The Las Vegas Eye Institutes Patient Experience

Don’t just hear it from us. See how our patients describe their experience with Las Vegas Eye Institute.

Experience the LVEI Difference.

Experience friendly, unrushed, personalized treatment from Dr. Matthew Swanic.

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