Dr. Swanic Visits Parkhurst Nuvision Evo ICL Site

Dr. Swanic was fortunate enough to be invited to visit the practice of another successful LASIK and Cataract Surgeon in San Antonio this week.   He made the quick trip over to Parkhurst NuVision in San Antonio Texas to explore some of the exciting new technology they are using to implant the recently approved STAAR Evo ICL.

Gregory Parkhurst MD and Brett Mueller DO were gracious enough to not only show them around their fantastic lasik suite and high tech operating rooms but to also show them some of their latest research on ultrasound bio microscopic (UBM) measurements to get accurate sizing of the ICL.  The ICL is a technology that is commonly referred to is an implantable contact lens (although the C actually stands for collomer of which the lens is made).  The evo ICL technology allows for the correction of very high levels of myopia (nearsightedness) up 20 diopters of correction. This is exciting for Las Vegas Eye Institute because even our very advanced Visumax and Visx iDesign lasers only allow a maximum correction of 12 diopters of nearsightednesses.  This means that more of our laser vision correction patients will be candidates to get out of glasses once and for all.

If you’ve been to Las Vegas Eye Institute you have likely already seen our large assortment of advanced diagnostic devices. Well the exciting news is we are excited to be purchasing even more so that we can continue to deliver the best results in laser eye surgery in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. If you happen to live in the San Antonio area, or know anyone else that does, we strongly recommend you consider visiting Parkhurst Nuvision if you are interested in LASIK, cataract surgery, or implantation of the new STAAR evo ICL. You won’t be disappointed.

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