The Cost of LASIK at Las Vegas Eye Institute

The Cost of LASIK at Las Vegas Eye Institute

What is included in the LASIK price at Las Vegas Eye Institute?

At Las Vegas Eye Institute we are committed to bringing our patients the highest quality of LASIK in Las Vegas. As such we only have one price for LASIK or PRK and that price gets you the very best technology we offer. Our LASIK is one price and that price is all-inclusive, meaning that we don’t offer various packages and you won’t be surprised with any fees after the procedure. The idea that we would offer tiers of service as if some people deserved “excellent” outcomes while others only deserve “mediocre” outcomes seems absurd to Dr. Swanic.

What kind of LASIK is included in my procedure?

Our LASIK or PRK are always high-resolution wavefront-guided Visx iDesign 2.0 treatments so you know you are getting the latest in excimer Laser technology. Our Laser CAN perform “conventional treatments” that DON’T use wavefront guidance but we only use those on patients where that is absolutely the best treatment for their situation (this is usually patients who have previously had cataract surgery.) You can also rest assured that we won’t use a blade to create your LASIK flap. All of our procedures are all LASER, using the Zeiss Visumax 500khz technology to create the flap.

What is iDesign 2.0 LASIK?

This is LASIK that uses a high-resolution Hartmann-Shack sensor to obtain 5 times the data points of the previous Customvue LASIK and it also integrates your corneal topographic measurements into the treatment. In the latest FDA trial leading to its approval for nearsighted PRK (it was approved for LASIK in 2015) 92% of eyes obtained 20/16 vision! Please watch the following video if you would like to learn more about this innovative technology.

What is included in the cost of my LASIK procedure?

Your LASIK or PRK procedure with Dr. Swanic includes all pre and postoperative visits (up to 1 year), any enhancements that may need to be done within the first 2 years, and treatments for temporary dryness that may accompany the procedure. This includes placement of either silicone or dissolvable punctal plugs.

Some people wonder why we don’t offer “lifetime” enhancements. The reason is that myopic LASIK is incredibly stable. Most LASIK enhancements are done for unexpected alterations in healing and are usually performed within the first 6 months of the procedure. They are not typically done for progressing nearsightedness as most eyes level of nearsightedness has stabilized by the time LASIK is performed. If someone’s prescription changes 5 years after the procedure we want to see them to find out exactly what is occurring to help them. For instance, if someone were to be developing a cataract a LASIK enhancement would not be the appropriate course of action.

What is not included in the cost of my procedure?

Unfortunately, since we are not a dispensing pharmacy, we cannot provide you with the eye drops that will be needed for your procedure. Fortunately, we do work closely with many manufacturers and can usually provide valuable money-saving coupons to help with the cost. As of the writing of this post (October 2019), the cost is typically about 40 dollars for the steroid that treats both eyes and about 30 dollars for the antibiotic drop for a typical total cost of about 70 dollars.

What is the average cost of LASIK in Las Vegas?

The average cost of ALL-LASER wavefront-guided LASIK in Las Vegas is between 2,000 and 2,500 dollars per eye for a total cost of approximately 4000 -5000 dollars. As of October 2019, our price is within this range. Our price does fluctuate based on any promotions we may be running. You can find companies advertising LASIK at lower prices but these ads are usually bait and switch promotions or procedures where a blade is utilized to create your LASIK flap. Companies can offer slight discounts for bladed procedures as blades are far less expensive to operate than modern femtosecond lasers. The best way to find out the current price at Las Vegas Eye Institute is to call 702-816-2525 to speak with an associate and schedule a complimentary LASIK consultation.

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