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About Eye Exams at Las Vegas Eye Institute

About Dilation

We provide comprehensive eye examinations at the Las Vegas Eye Institute. These exams can be very problem-focused, rapid, and do not require dilation.

However, on your first visit, you should anticipate being dilated. As patients age, dilation has a much lesser effect on patients’ near vision. However, all patients can anticipate some level of light sensitivity or halos around lights with dilation. Patients under the age of 50 will often notice a significant reduction in near vision for the first 4-6 hours after dilation. If you are concerned that this will make you unable to drive, then we recommend that you bring a driver along for your visit.

Wear Glasses If Possible

The Las Vegas Eye Institute advises that you wear glasses rather than contacts to your examination if possible, but we do have contact lens cases if you inadvertently wear them to your exam.

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